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The WES credential evaluation process involves four basic steps. Here’s a brief overview, and you can read a more in-depth explanation of each step below:

1. in the first step, evaluators ensure that WES has received all required documents in the manner specified for that country (or territory) and credential.

2. The second step consists of reviewing the documents to ensure that they are authentic and issued by duly recognized institutions.

3. In the third step, analysts evaluate the documents and assess their equivalency in terms of Canadian or U.S. education.

4. In the fourth and final step, the evaluator issues the credential evaluation report. Each step is essential in creating an accurate and high-value report.

PROBLEMS IN WES PROCESS;- Many students face a different kind of problems while applying for  World Education Services  ( WES ) although it has different steps to follow but the major problem for the students those now living in remote areas or living very far from their university from where they completed their last qualification documents on the other hand that universities are not helping full at all and not even any staff respond on the calls or on mail here we come in the picture we help you here in your WES process we can apply your pending documents in your campus as well as your documents require in WES like your original degree, Transcript, etc. You pay your University fee in their account we’ll charge our service charges and will help you in the complete process. Lead Nation is a company where you get complete solutions to your problems.

We work as a bridge between the students and universities for any kind of pending work where your visit to the university is not possible and you want some helping hands.